Teaching opportunities for professional women

The Law Program at Temple University Japan Campus seeks inquiries from members of the FWLA and from lawyers in the AWF who might be interested in teaching law for the program in the near future.  We especially invite inquiries from those who might teach international finance or international securities regulation, perhaps as early as summer 2011, but more likely in fall 2011.

Though we do not have immediate needs in other subjects, we, nevertheless, want to establish a list of those who might be interested in teaching other topics.  We never know when those who currently teach may leave Tokyo or when the pressures of practice might prevent their continuing to teach.  For those reasons, we would love to hear from you no matter how tentative either your interest in teaching or your plans to remain in Tokyo.   We also welcome course proposals.

Those interested should have amassed about five years’ work experience (which could include teaching or research experience) by the time they would start teaching.  Though we would obviously welcome teaching experience at any educational level, it is not essential.

We hold classes in the evening.  They typically begin at 6:30 p.m. and run until 9:30 p.m.  Each class meets once a week for 13 weeks in the fall and spring and for 10 weeks in the summer.  Exams then follow, but as law professors do not monitor their own exams, you would not need to attend.  Fall classes begin in early September and end in early December.  Spring classes begin in early January and end at the end of April.  Summer classes begin in mid-May and end in late July.

If you are at all curious, please contact Barry McCarthy, the interim director of the program, at mccarthy@tuj.ac.jp or by phone at 03-5441-9841.

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