The Association for Women in Finance (AWF) is a Tokyo-based events and networking organisation for women in the finance industry, or anyone who is interested in the goals and mission of the organisation, or interested in any of our monthly events.

Originally founded in the early 1990s by six women working in Tokyo’s financial industry and loosely based on the precedent-setting FWA in New York, the idea was to bring together like-minded women, build and foster a network of women working in the financial industry, and create a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of issues that affect women working in Tokyo.

The organisation is run entirely by a board of professional women who choose to voluntarily give their time to the association. AWF has also has an Advisory Board which offers support and mentorship to board members and helps shape and realise the goals of the organisation.

Since 2007, AWF has made a conscious effort to contribute to the community by carefully selecting a charitable organisation for the year and to raise awareness for the cause and donate the proceeds of raffles to that organisation. The goal of AWF is not to make a profit, but to be a part of the community in which we live.

AWF hosts an open monthly event, which generally takes place on the third Thursday of the month, to which women and men from all professionals are very welcome. In additon to the open events, AWF holds member-only events to provide mentoring or networking opportunities for professional women in finance.